HTTP Status Codes ( 狀態碼 )

HTTP CODES - 100-101

100 - Continue ( 繼續 )
Tells the client that the first part of the request has been received and that it should continue with the rest of the request or ignore if the request has been fulfilled.

101 - Switching Protocols ( 切換通訊協定 )
Tells the client that the server will switch protocols to that specified in the Upgrade message header field during the current connection.

HTTP CODES 200-206

200 - OK ( 確定。 用戶端要求成功 )
The request sent by the client was successful.

201 - Created ( 已建立 )
The request was successful and a new resource was created.

202 - Accepted ( 已接受 )
The request has been accepted for processing, but has not yet been processed.

203 - Non-Authoritative Information ( 非授權資訊 )
The returned meta information in the entity-header is not the definitive set as available from the origin server.

204 - No Content ( 無內容 )
The request was successful but does not require the return of an entity-body.

205 - Reset Content ( 重設內容 )
The request was successful but the User-Agent should reset the document view that caused the request.

206 - Partial Content ( 部分內容 )
The partial GET request has been successful.

HTTP CODES 300-307

300 - Multiple Choices
The requested resource has multiple possibilities, each with different locations.

301 - Moved Permanently ( 要求的網頁已經永久改變網址 )
The resource has permanently moved to a different URI.

302 - Found ( 物件已移動,並告知移動過去的網址 )
The requested resource has been found under a different URI but the client should continue to use the original URI.

303 - See Other ( 通知 Client 連到另一個網址去查看上傳表單的結果(POST 變成 GET),當使用程式作網頁轉向時,會回應此訊息 )
The requested response is at a different URI and should be accessed using a GET command at the given URI.

304 - Not Modified ( 未修改 )
The resource has not been modified since the last request.

305 - Use Proxy ( 要求的網頁必須透過 Server 指定的 proxy 才能觀看 ( 透過 Location 標頭 ) )
The requested resource can only be accessed through the proxy specified in the location field.

306 - No Longer Used ( (未使用) 此代碼僅用來為了向前相容而已 )
Reserved for future use.

307 - Temporary Redirect ( 暫時重新導向 )
The resource has temporarily been moved to a different URI. The client should use the original URI to access the resource in future as the URI may change.

HTTP CODES 400-417

400 - Bad Request ( 錯誤的要求 )
The syntax of the request was not understood by the server.

401 - Not Authorised ( 拒絕存取 )
The request needs user authentication

402 - Payment Required
Reserved for future use.

403 - Forbidden ( 禁止使用 )
The server has refused to fulfill the request.

404 - Not Found ( 找不到 )
The document/file requested by the client was not found.

405 - Method Not Allowed ( 用來存取這個頁面的 HTTP 動詞不受允許 (方法不受允許) )
The method specified in the Request-Line is not allowed for the specified resource.

406 - Not Acceptable ( 用戶端瀏覽器不接受要求頁面的 MIME 類型 )
The resource requested is only capable of generating response entities which have content characteristics not specified in the accept headers sent in the request.

407 - Proxy Authentication Required ( 需要 Proxy 驗證 )
The request first requires authentication with the proxy.

408 - Request Timeout
The client failed to sent a request in the time allowed by the server.

409 - Conflict
The request was unsuccessful due to a conflict in the state of the resource.

410 - Gone
The resource requested is no longer available and no forwarding address is available.

411 - Length Required
The server will not accept the request without a valid Content-Length header field.

412 - Precondition Failed ( 指定條件失敗 )
A precondition specified in one or more Request-Header fields returned false.

413 - Request Entity Too Large ( 要求的實體太大 )
The request was unsuccessful because the request entity is larger than the server will allow.

414 - Request URI Too Long ( 要求 URI 太長 )
The request was unsuccessful because the URI specified is longer than the server is willing to process.

415 - Unsupported Media Type ( 不支援的媒體類型 )
The request was unsuccessful because the entity of the request is in a format not supported by the requested resource for the method requested.

416 - Requested Range Not Satisfiable ( 無法滿足要求的範圍 )
The request included a Range request-header field, and not any of the range-specifier values in this field overlap the current extent of the selected resource, and also the request did not include an If-Range request-header field.

417 - Expectation Failed ( 執行失敗 )
The expectation given in the Expect request-header could not be fulfilled by the server.

HTTP CODES 500-505

500 - Internal Server Error ( 內部伺服器錯誤 )
The request was unsuccessful due to an unexpected condition encountered by the server.

501 - Not Implemented ( 標頭值指定未實作的設定 )
The request was unsuccessful because the server can not support the functionality needed to fulfill the request.

502 - Bad Gateway ( Web 伺服器在作為閘道或 Proxy 時收到無效的回應 )
The server received an invalid response from the upstream server while trying to fulfill the request.

503 - Service Unavailable ( 服務無法使用。 這是 IIS 6.0 專用的錯誤碼 )
The request was unsuccessful to the server being down or overloaded.

504 - Gateway Timeout ( 閘道逾時 )
The upstream server failed to send a request in the time allowed by the server.

505 - HTTP Version Not Supported ( 不支援的 HTTP 版本 )
The server does not support or is not allowing the HTTP protocol version specified in the request.

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